How can I play Fortnite with other Get Played listeners?

  1. Fill out the Signup Form
  2. Go through the Player List and start adding other people to your Epic Friends List.

How can I play Fortnite with the hosts of Get Played?

Heather is on the Player List. She will only accept friend requests from people who she already has mutual friends with, so make sure to add people from the sheet before you try to squad up with her.

Matt and Nick have not shared their Fortnite usernames, if they have one.

What is the etiquette for joining/inviting other players?

Do I have to use voice chat to play in a squad?

Definitely not, but it’s much easier to communicate using voice chat if you feel comfortable and are able to.

If you’re not using voice chat, consider learning how to mark enemies and items so you can help your squadmates see what you’re seeing.

If you can’t talk on voice chat, you might want to ping one of your squadmates in the Discord to let them know what your voice chat situation is—whether you’re not on comms at all, or you can hear but can’t talk. That will help the squad adjust appropriately.

Most people use the in-game voice chat, but we also have two Fortnite-specific voice chat channels in the Discord that you can use if in-game isn’t an option.

How can I be a good squadmate?

Stick together!

Land with your squad, and try not to stray too far from them. Teams that get separated are much more likely to get into trouble.

Share the loot!

If you always take all the good guns and items, then the rest of your squad will be weaker because of it, and people could get frustrated.


Learn how to mark enemies and items so you can help your team see what you’re seeing. Learn to use the compass at the top of the screen so you can call out enemy positions in addition to marking the area (“There’s gunfire coming from the north!”, or “I see an enemy at 300!”). When you see a good gun/item you don’t need, mark it and ask if anyone else wants it. If you notice a squadmate doesn’t have full shields or health and they don’t seem to realize it, let them know.

Offer to pick a landing spot!

Choosing a landing spot can feel like a high-pressure decision, but in most cases people will just be happy that someone chose one at all. If someone else has been picking all the spots, or your squad keeps picking a random spot out of desperation when the bus is already halfway across the map, feel free to pick the next one if you’re comfortable with it.

What is the “Visualize Sound Effects” setting people keep mentioning?

This is a setting that makes it so icons corresponding to sound effects will show on your screen, pointing you towards where they’re coming from. If you notice your squadmates hearing things like footsteps and gliders with incredible precision, it’s likely they’re using this setting. It feels overwhelming at first, but once you get used to it, it can become an indispensable part of your toolset, and it’s very helpful for improving your callouts in squads. You can find it in the Audio section of the settings menu.

Does anyone here play builds?

Most people in the channel play Zero Build, but you can ask in the channel about people’s preferences.

If you’re excited about playing builds, feel free to ask your party if they’d be willing to switch it up, or post in the Discord that you’re looking to play some builds. Worth a try!

Does anyone here play Save the World?

There are a few people in the channel that play Save the World. We suggest posting in the Discord if you’re looking for others to play Save the World with.

What are these Private Matches I keep hearing about?

Check out our Private Fortnite Matches page.

How can I thank you for putting this all together?

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