Private Fortnite Matches

Joining Discord Voice Chat (Optional)

We’ll use the Fortnite Chat Voice Channel on Discord to coordinate while getting ready as well as talk smack during the match. This is totally optional.

If you do want to participate you’ll want to set it up before the event time to make sure it’s working ahead of time.

Voice Chat for Duos, Trios, Squads

If we end up playing duos, trios or squads, folks usually switch from Discord voice chat to in-game voice chat so they can communicate with their team. Once your team is eliminated you can return to Discord voice chat.

Joining a Private Match

For private matches the Host will provide three things:

  1. Matchmaking Region
  2. Custom Key
  3. Game Mode

Note: These instructions are also explained in this video: How to Connect to a Private Match by The Demon Jackal

Set your Matchmaking Region

  1. Open the Side Bar
  2. Navigate down to Menu
  3. Choose Settings
  4. Navigate to the Language & Region tab
  5. Set your Matchmaking Region to the one provided by the host
  6. Press the button for Apply to apply your change
  7. Press the button for Back to exit out of settings

Note: Remember to change your Region back after you’re done playing.

Set the Custom Key

  1. Go to the Play tab
  2. Scroll down to the various Game Modes
  3. Once you get to the 2nd or 3rd row of Game Modes you should see a Custom Key button in the lower right of the screen
  4. Press LT/L2 or click to open the Custom Matchmaking Key dialog
  5. Enter the Custom Key provided by the Host
  6. Press Accept

Note: Remember to remove the Custom Key when you’re done playing.

Set the Game Mode

  1. Go to the Play tab and navigate down to the list Change Game Modes
  2. Select the Game Mode to the one provided by the Host
    • If we’re playing Teams you’ll want to make sure Fill in selected
  3. Press the Play button - you should see yourself enqueued
  4. The host will wait until everybody has queued up and then start the match

Custom Keys vs. Island Codes

A Custom Key is different from an Island Code - you’ll be setting a Custom Key, NOT an Island Code.

We use Custom Keys that look like this: played01

Island Codes look like this: 1234-5678-9101

Custom Keys cannot be re-used between matches, so each match the host will announce a new Custom Key for each match during an Event. To make things easy hosts usually just add another character onto the key.

If somebody tries to use a Custom Key before the Host starts the match for it, that Custom Key will become invalid. Because of this the Host won’t announce the key until they’ve started the match, so please don’t try to guess the next Custom Key in order to enter it early.

Things to Know about Private Matches

Hosting a Private Match

Note: In order to create a Custom Key you currently need to be a Fortnite Creator

If you’re the one hosting the private match, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Play tab and change the Game Mode
  2. Press LT/L2 to enter a Custom Key
  3. Set the key to something simple like played01 and press Accept
    • Avoid re-using the same Custom Key more than once. It likely won’t work.
  4. Change the Game Mode and press Play
  5. Back in the Play tab press Play! again
  6. Post your Region, Custom Key and Game Mode in the Discord channel
  7. Wait for others players to join
    • You’ll see a Matchmaking spinner and the number of Queued Players
  8. Once everybody has joined, press Play once more
  9. Get played!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Private Matches?

Private matches allow us to play Fortnite just with only other folks from Get Played. For example, a Battle Royale match where only other players from the Discord are in the match with you.

When are the private matches held?

There currently isn’t a regular schedule for the private matches.

Private matches will be scheduled and announced in the Discord channel.

If there’s a currently scheduled event, it will show up at the top of the channel list in Discord.

Why are the private matches held so irregularly?

You need a Creator Code to host private matches. We are currently only graced with two members that have a Creator Code and it takes a fair amount of work and planning to make these matches happen.

Creator Codes are somewhat hard to get (you need 1000+ followers on a major social media account, among other prerequisites).

Does Heather have a Creator Code?

Not currently. It’s possible that she will get one in the future—she’s already looked into it.

Does anyone stream the private matches?

There are a few folks that stream the private matches when they are able to join them.

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